What is ResiRatings

ResiRatings is a research driven classification system for apartments near UNLV and other Las Vegas higher education institutes to help students find student apartments in Las Vegas. Much like searching for a hotel by rating and price, now renters can search for their next apartment based on location, price, and now an objective rating for context. ResiRating’s criteria and evaluation system objectively rates and classifies each property based on the amenities and services they offer their residents. The verified property score generated by the ResiRatings Evaluation Software provides the renter a piece of mind that is currently only found by visiting and scrutinizing each property in person. With the ResiRatings Verified Property Scores renters can evaluate properties faster and with more insightful information than ever before.

How it Came About

ResiRatings was shaped and trained by industry leaders such as the Vice President of Forbes Travel Guide, the Chief Experience Officer of Diamond Resorts, The Quality Control team at MGM Resorts International (Responsible for achieving and maintaining ratings from various sources), and the entrepreneurs from a Real Estate Tech startup company called RentHub. With the insights from these professionals, ResiRatings took shape and a rating system for Residential Multifamily Housing and Condominiums was created.

The Need for ResiRatings

Since the advent of the internet, consumers have become more informed and are better able to make good purchasing decisions in nearly every industry. Every industry except for Residential Multifamily Housing. For too long has Apartment Renting been stuck in the past leaving renters’ only choice to be to travel to and visit the apartment before making a decision. ResiRatings brings the Residential Multifamily Housing into the present by giving power to the renter and helping renters make smarter and more educated decisions. No longer will renters be fooled by flattering pictures of pools and countertops, instead renters will be able to make an educated decision based on objective information.

There was an especially large need for off campus housing near UNLV during the early days of ResiRatings. ResiRatings has been working, and continues to provide a quick and easy way for students to find apartments near the UNLV campus. We have found that living in a satisfactory living situation is directly correlated with a successful stay in college. By aiding in providing off campus housing near UNLV and other higher education institutions, ResiRatings is contributing to the education and future of the students in Southern Nevada.


ResiRatings’ rating criteria begins with real user generated surveys to determine the rating criteria. The criteria is a combination of what real renters want to have in their buildings, and a comprehensive list of what Residential Multifamily Housing properties currently offer to the renting market. Based on this information the ResiRatings system provides an accurate measure of how appealing any given apartment is to the average renter.

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