Mission Statement

ResiRatings provides renters with complete and unbiased information in order to find the apartment that is best for them. We are removing the elements that make apartment renting a hassle such as; professionals who only show the apartments with the highest commission, false apartment advertisements, and skewed user generated reviews (commonly written using opinions rather than helpful facts). Eliminating user-generated reviews benefits the apartment owners and managers by making sure the quality of their property can be effectively communicated to renters without unneeded bias.

ResiRatings was conceived by a student in an attempt to aid millennials and university affiliates find safe and qualified housing options near UNLV. We believe in letting the consumer take the lead on how they would like to apartment search and adapting the Real Estate process to them. We at ResiRatings are always looking for ways to have the consumer shape, handle, critique, and refine our product as much as possible until it is just right for them.

We also believe that apartment owners and managers should have the best opportunity possible to defend themselves against unfair online reviews. We believe that objective information is the best information and objective information ultimately benefits both the renter and apartment owners and managers. We believe in giving merit to the apartments properties based on what they are able to offer renters. We also believe that these properties should not be penalized for occurrences that are out of their control.

Overall we hope to connect qualified renters with qualified apartments in Las Vegas and connect students with student apartments near UNLV.

Our goal is to become a company that is able to effectively reach and assist every major Real Estate market in the United States while still maintaining the core values of renter peace of mind and fairness for apartment owners and managers.

Vision Statement

ResiRatings purpose is to connect students to apartments near the UNLV campus, through an unbiased rating and classification system. Our aim is to provide renters with the best possible way to find Las Vegas student housing that is best for them through providing an objective breakdown of an apartment property’s offering to renters. We are also providing a system wherein UNLV off campus housing properties are able to effectively communicate their property’s amenities and features without concern of bias or untrue user reviews.

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